Thank you for your interest in becoming an approved carrier for KLLM Logistics. Below are some of our key requirements in order for your company to qualify as an approved carrier. All elements identified as "required" must be completed in order for the qualification process to be completed. If your company is not compliant to one or more of the qualification criteria contained in this registration process, you may return at another time to register once the non-compliant items are corrected.

To Become an Approved carrier for KLLM Logistics you must provide and meet the following criteria:

  • Provide your MC# or DOT# to begin registration. Intrastate carriers without a DOT# may provide an applicable state registration number to begin registration.
  • Carrier Contact must be authorized to enter into and bind your company to the KLLM Logistics Broker/Carrier Agreement.
  • Validate or provide the carrier contact information
  • Submit an electronic W9.
  • Complete the carrier profile.
  • Read and ACCEPT the Carrier Agreement.
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance that meets the insurance minimum requirements below.
    • $100,000 Cargo Coverage
    • $1,000,000 Auto Liability Coverage.
    • $1,000,000 General Liability Coverage.
    • Any carrier with more than 5 employees requires Worker's Compensation
  • If RMIS does not already have a copy of your certificate on file, we will request one for you from your insurance agent (producer).
  • You will be required to meet the following KLLM Logistics Carrier Compliance Requirements:
    • Must have a Satisfactory or not rated by the FMCSA/US DOT
    • Must have an active MC/DOT number for 120 days or more.
    • Companies with only Broker Authority cannot register. You must contact Carrier Relations at
    • Companies with both Broker and Common/Contract authority will be allowed to register but must understand that double brokering KLLM Logistics freight is strictly prohibited.